Academic Calendar

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School Year Summary

See an overview of each academic year’s calendar. Notes on calendar logic at Chicago State University:

  • The academic year is composed of two equal 16-week semesters (Fall & Spring) and a 10-Week Summer session.
  • Intersession is a 4-week semester housed under the Spring term. Intersession always starts the Wednesday after grades are due in the Fall.
  • The 12-week sessions in Fall and Spring are always scheduled the 4th Monday of the term.
  • Spring Break is scheduled between the 1st & 2nd 8-week parts of term.
  • Fall Semester starts the third Monday of August (unless Thanksgiving weekend would be the last day of classes, in which case the Fall term begins the fourth Monday of August).
  • Summer term begins the day after Memorial Day.
  • Final grades are due in CSU X-Press the Tuesday after final exam week.
  • Commencement is the Thursday before the term ends. There are no Summer or Fall Commencement ceremonies.
  • All terms end on a Friday.


Detailed Calender by Semester

Select a term and year to see the detailed calendar for a given term